We successfully vaccinated tens of thousands of patients during peaks of COVID-19 cases. Our nurses truly shined during the vaccination process, showing up for every shift, putting in overtime as needed, and meeting deadlines promptly. This earned us the number one spot on Switch Health’s roster, as they have taken in our services exclusively, recruiting from us whenever possible.

Performance may be monitored against KPI/SLOs as a measure of supplier performance against the obligations and objectives. Our fill rate to date is 100%. However, to account for unforeseen circumstances, we adopt a 90-95% fill rate. We are currently working with a multitude of facilities and a few large companies like Switch Health and Voyago. Our cancellation rate to date is 0%, as we have a large number of staff rotating in different facilities. Thus, we have adopted an appropriate cancelation rate of less than 10%, which we have been able to maintain up to the present.

We aided in the development of better management strategies and coordination of in-patients and out-patients during peak vaccination periods. When we worked with Switch Health, the operational capacity could not sustain the thousands of patients we were seeing daily. Our company capitalized on this by setting forth better methods of optimizing the flow of patients. By providing feedback and through better planning, Switch Health was then able to increase their efficiency in vaccination and decrease potential complications.

We have consistently out-performed various nursing agencies in terms of quality of service and work ethic, as witnessed by the many facilities where we have previously operated in. Compared to the other staff members who were not affiliated with our company on joint ventures, we worked more devotedly and efficiently in upholding optimal operational standards. This is further supported by the positive feedback we have received from these facilities via e-mails, phone calls, and text messages.

The staff you have provided are exceptional. Thank you so much. I am very pleased.

General Manager, Grandview Retirement Living

Thank you for all your assistance over the weekend and your quick response to get us staff.

Director of Care, United Mennonite Homes

I wish I had met you 2 years ago!

Director of Care, Bethany Residence

Your staff is very reliable and they work hard!

Director of Care, Dom Lipa, Etobicoke